With parking difficult due to the narrow, cobbled streets of the popular old town of Bad Neustadt, the Schwan and Post's car park makes it a good reason to head to this bustling little establishment by the town's old entrance gate.
  The hotel has a distinctive cream and grey facade, embellished by two splendid statues set in niches, and a tiny terrace. Inside, the decorative scheme is a restrained blend of old and new. A grand marble-painted staircase leads up from the large lobby to a traditional landing lined with modern oils and watercolours, and richly patterend rugs on the polishes wooden floors. Wonderful antique doors lead into the pleasant, older bedrooms. The annexe contains soulless but comfortable modern rooms, simply fitted out in light ash, plus a sauna and a whirlpool complex.
  The attractive light dining rooms are done in green, with menus writen on a board and a long bar in one corner for pre-dinner drinks. The 'Postillion Stube' is less formal, with Provencal tiles on the floor and cartoons on the walls; the vaulted cellar bar has a charcoal grill and rustic feel.