This handsome country house in Friedrichsruhe, dating from the early 18thC, has not made the Wald and Schlosshotel the most intimate of establishments - it is rather stiff in its elegance, as well as being larger than our ideal. But there is no denying its widely recognized attractions.
  Chief among these, perhaps, is the food. Lothar Eiermann may or may not be the best chef in Germany, but he is certainly a contender, applying modern thinking to traditional dishes and producing food to delight the eye and palate as a result. It is served with appropriate care in a plush, richly draped dining room, candle-lit at night. Elsewhere in the complex of buildings there are less formal alternatives - a terrace surrounded by lawns, and a Jagerstube with the usual trophies.
  Bedrooms and suites, in the main house and the hunting lodge, are spacious and deeply comfortable, with calm colour schemes - some of them reminiscent of an English country house.
  This is of course not a cheap hotel; but for what you get, the prices are not outrageous.