If you were to walk along the main street of this little spa town, the Sonne - half-timbered, immaculately kept, fronted by a flowery garden-terrace - would probably draw you on looks alone. If you knew the charm of the welcome that awaited within, there would be little reason for hesitation. This is hotel-keeping of the old style: a smile here, a friendly joke there, and a host of regular clients looking very happy to be comfortably installed once again.
  Most of this feeling of warm well-being - not a common feature of spa hotels - is due to the friendly staff. But it is more than just a reflection of their personalities: the hotel is run with enormous care- fresh flowers, for example, are everywhere - and house-keeping standards are as high as you could wish.
  Although the furniture and decorations are not remarkable, the public rooms are bright and welcoming, and the bedrooms are comfortable without being over-quaint.