You cannot miss it – at the front are huge plate glass windows, electric blue paintwork (the colour is know as ‘Louis XV) and the hotel’s name emblazoned across the top. The reception salon is decorated in pretty floral wallpaper with dainty antique furniture and soft lighting – it might be a touch too chi-chi for our taste, but it is impossible not to be caught up in the warmth of the hotel and the staff who run it, led by charming Alain Bigeard.

   The hotel’s theme is 18th century – colour schemes and fabrics are based on the period and taken from original design – but more particularly Beaumarchais himself (he lived further down the street). There are framed pages from antique editions of the author’s most famous work, The Marriage of Figaro, in each of the small but pretty bedrooms, and breakfast room too. The rooms have upholstered chairs, chandeliers and antique furniture – our reporter’s room (20) had a painted antique desk, complete with feather quill, as well as a walk-out balcony. And the theme doesn’t end there: the bathrooms even have mats and robes embroidered with an 18thC gentleman’s head.

   The breakfast is copious and served to your table. We particularly enjoyed our own jug of coffee and jam in little porcelain bowls. In all, one of our favourite places to stay in the French capital.