The Hôtel du Bois is up a short flight of stairs in the little cobbled rue du Dôme, with an exterior of alluring white stucco offset by wrought-iron balconies and railings. Our reporter was particularly taken by the reception and sitting room – airy with large windows and mirror, painted a vibrant pink, full of pretty ornaments (large Chinese-style vases, glass paperweights, jugs in green and orange) and with wicker-backed chairs with pink and green cushions. During our visit, we noticed the guests (of a fairly wide age range) making use of this room – some chatted, others read – people are clearly at ease here.
   Bedrooms are comfortable and do the job well. In some, the bland colour schemes (centring on lilacs, creams, beige) are lifted by coordinating patterned bedspreads and curtains, contemporary, colourful artwork and dark wooden furniture. We were pleased to see tea-making facilities in every room. Some of the rooms have small bathrooms – however, in their design the space has been well-considered, and marble is used in all.
   The hotel is a short step from the Champs-Elysées and Arc du Triomphe, but otherwise is a step from major tourist attractions. However there is a decent range of places to eat nearby. Staff are a little breezy, although generally polite.