Aux Armes de Champagne, a wooden-shuttered flower-decked roadside hotel in the hilltop village of L' Epine, has long been in capable and caring hands. Until recently its owners were Jean-Paul and Denise Perardel; now Pascal and Christele Fouassier have taken over; maintaining the high standards while also introducing new ideas.
  Aux Armes de Champagne is an outstanding example of its type. The building is attractive but not memorable and the position, though enjoying a fine view of L'Epine's flamboyant Gothic cathedral, is marred somewhat by being on the road, but it's the standards inside that count, and they are notably high. Though it has been continually improved and refurbished over the years, the hotel still exudes are freshing lack of pretension. Bedrooms, in wings behind the main building, are either fairly small and countrified in style, or larger and more country house style; all are comfortable and impeccable.
  A good night's sleep and a warm welcome not withstanding, the main attractions of Aux Armes de Champagne are the renowned cuisine (Michelin star) and the very fine cellar. Chef David Marlien's work inthe kitchen - modern cooking with regional touches - is consistently appreciated by our readers. Aux Armes de Champage is a popular overnight stopping place, since L'Epine is on the route to Alsace or the Alps and beyond from the Channel Tunnel.