On the otherwise unremarkable fringe of Buzançais, with its back to the road, lies L'Hermitage, a small, charming creeper-clad hotel. After turning into the yard (lockable garages are available) you walk under a short, covered land bridge into delightful and unexpectedly large grounds. Beyond the gravel outside the front door, lawns slope gently down to the shade of the weeping willows on the bank of the Indre - you are welcome to bring your rod and try your luck.
The restaruant is formal but relaxed, producing menus that offer tremendous value, attracting as many locals as visitors, and varying not just from season to season but also from day to day depending on what looks tempting in the market. The hotel has two dining rooms, for summer and winter, with the land bridge connecting the summer dining room, in its own attractive (air-conditioned) garden pavilion, to the main building. It has a small terrace for those who would rather dine outside. The bedrooms are quite modest in size, but light and fresh and most have a view over the gardens.
  A popular stop-off for those travelling to and from the South-West, staff are friendly and always happy to offer their time and service to those looking for a relaxing night off the road.