A short walk up from the two main beaches brings you to an old part of the town which belongs to the locals and seems unconnected with surfers and seaside congress venues. It is here that Jean-Christophe Garnier transformed a neglected old family hotel into the pleasantest place to stay in Biarritz at a reasonable price. With a background in hotel administration, he applied his professional skill and experience down to the smallest detail with the result that you will find everything you need – the place is now run by Patrick and Joanne Chacoris, about whom we have heard positive reports.
  The dining room is light and pleasant; only breakfast is served but this starts with freshly pressed orange juice and includes a buffet selection of fresh breads and croissants, jams and coffee, so that you don't have to wait or ask for more. The sitting area is stylishly different with a fireplace and interesting pictures on the walls. Wooden floors, white walls and light fabrics lend an almost colonial air which is very attractive. Monsieur Garnier knows what he is doing, and is doing it well.