In 1998, Omur Tosun began restoring a group of crumbling ruins on the outskirts of Uchisar. Four long years later, he threw open the doors of Cappadocia's first luxury hotel.
He named it 'the Museum' after furnishing it with most of his collection of antiques: pieces date variously from the Ottoman, Seljuk, Roman, and Hittite periods and are strewn throughout bedrooms and communal areas. The aim, reflected in the traditional architecture, is to have guests experience the region's history first hand.
  Bedrooms are beautiful, with carved stone walls and arched ceilings. They're all special, but the Sultan's suite is something else: reached by a private tunnel, and with its own wine cellar. The restaurant, Lil'a, is equally impressive, with vaulted ceilings, chandeliers and a large terrace overlooking the surrounding valleys
Spa treatments - from yoga and meditation classes to massages - are available, as are balloon flights.