A shot in the arm for Yorkshire Dales B & B: Sarah and Phil Bucknall have asked themselves what you don’t get elsewhere in the national park and confidently provided it. First, a blend of old and new – often colourful, sometimes whacky fabrics and contemporary art co-exist with antiques in a 19thC vicarage. Second, chic modern bathrooms to a standard that travellers usually expect in city hotels. Third, cocktails – possibly more of an add-on than a key feature, but an apt expression of the Sarah and Phil’s approach. They are friendly, hands-on, communicative hosts who make you feel better as you walk through the door. Their signature cocktail is the Corpse Reviver No.2.

They both worked in big London advertising businesses before launching Stow House, and a new life, in 2014. Their feel for what the customer wants is far from superficial. They’ve looked after the basics: the beds and linen are high quality; the rooms warm; breakfast well above average. As you’d expect of a vicarage, the seven rooms are spacious. Guests have the run of the house, with their own entrance - the front door - while Sarah and Phil live in an unobtrusive annexe. In other words, this is B & B-plus, with maximum privacy and independence for the guest, with a choice of two downstairs sitting rooms and dinner provided for groups if ordered in advance. Prices are above average, but fair.