Picasso and Sheffield: you wouldn’t normally link the two, but the artist had an indirect influence on the interior design at Brocco.
     Picasso is thought to have stayed here in 1950 while attending the Peace Congress in Sheffield. Its emblem was the dove and Tiina Carr, the friendly Finnish owner (hence the spelling of Tiina), has put a series of avian touches in each of the eight bedrooms. Doves adorn the walls in certain rooms; some baths are egg-shaped and room keys fit into miniature birdhouses near the door, touches which create a warm and personal atmosphere.
     When Tiina purchased Brocco it was in a state of near disrepair. Since then, she has worked tirelessly, overseeing a stylish transformation. Brocco now accommodates a near-perfect fusion of Scandinavian charm and solid British character.
     There’s another reason for Tiina’s avian design: the ‘park’ in ‘Brocco on the Park’ is Endcliffe Park, which lies directly opposite the hotel and is a city-centre haven for birds. Many of the bedrooms look over the ‘living roof’ and over to the grassy park. The ‘living roof’ is exactly that: a flat roof imaginatively carpeted with grass and other plants.
     The food at the restaurant is popular and the atmosphere relaxed, friendly and contemporary without trying too hard. We think prices are fair for a city-centre establishment of this standard.