For those seeking an age gone by, the experience of staying at Viewfield House will be a memorable one. This is an imposing Victorian country mansion, which, as the name suggests, has some fine views from its elevated position. The need for costly repairs to the roof prompted Evelyn Macdonald, Hugh's grandmother, to open Viewfield House to guests.

  The delight of it is that the distinctive character of the house was preserved; and though you will not lack for comfort or service, a stay here is likely to be a novel experience. The house is full of colonial memorabilia: stuffed animals and birds; priceless museum relics; and a magnificent collection of oil paintings and prints.

  The rooms are original, right down to the wallpaper in one instance (though all but a couple now have en suite bathrooms in the former dressing-rooms); there is a classic Victorian parlour and a grand dining room with two huge wooden tables. We admire the flexibility here as both large parties and individuals can be comfortably accommodated. You can dine at the house if you book your dinner in advance, or you can decide day by day when the charming staff enquires about your dinner arrangement in the morning. In all, an excellent country guesthouse, ideal for a weekend break to Scotland.