Ballsbridge, a leafy suburb across the Grand Canal from the city centre is where many of Dublin's best hotels and restaurants are to be found. Anglesea Town House is a large Edwardian house near Herbert Park in a grand terrace and the minute you step into the hall, with its Tiffany lamps and watered silk curtains, you return to unhurried, gracious times. This house operates at its own stately pace, gently sweeping you along. The famed, prize-winning breakfasts are almost ceremonial: served at a Chippendale table on Wedgwood; accompanied by fresh flowers and white napkins folded into roses.
  One food critic describes them as "orchestrated and meticulously gorgeous." Mrs Kirrane, an ex-teacher, has been welcoming guests for 15 years and finds baking and house-keeping a perfect outlet for her creative talent. One element of the mighty Anglesea breakfast is her baked cereal a secret recipe with fruit, apples and nuts, fresh cream and Irish Mist liquor. Those on diets who bewail the numerous courses should, she says, "just try to admire how pretty the whole show is."
  Guests are free to wander at will in the house into the kitchen, too. There's a garden to sit in and an elegant drawing room with Edwardian fireplace, maple floor, books and magazines. Enduring friendships have been made at Anglesea Town House. Afternoon tea.