A truly exceptional new place to stay in the north Yorkshire Dales, also close to The Lakes. Owners Fiona and Graham Lappin opened in 2016 having fashioned the rooms from scratch out of a derelict barn, so the rooms are confidently up to date and in their own skin – no improvisation or make do. There’s a neat little ground level reception area, upstairs a guest sitting room with the adjacent kitchen open to view and these give open-plan access into the dining/eating area with six tables. The Lappin family lives in the neighbouring farmhouse, 25 yards away.

  ‘Guest house’ more or less describes the operation – it’s neither B & B or small hotel, but inhabits the zone between: a formula we’ve always favoured because it allows owners to escape conventional expectations to make a place distinctively their own. To bring this off they have to be natural hosts, attentive and competent but not intrusive. Fiona and Graham manage brilliantly, unphased by multiple demands – don’t underestimate what this takes.

  Everywhere, including sitting room and eating area, the furnishings are an eclectic mix of stylish and homely pieces. Objects and images of the Far East are a constant theme - Graham grew up in the area of southern India known as the Malabar Coast and he and Fiona met in Hong Kong. He worked in the financial industry, she in publishing. Almost completely fresh to the hospitality business (although Fiona grew up in hotels as her father was in the business), it’s an interesting new experience for them and guests can sense this alongside their competence and high standards. Fiona is not entirely new to the hotel trade because her father worked in it.

  Eat in or eat out. Supper is offered Monday to Thursday, and is simple and good – typically homemade soup, charcuterie, salad and a pudding. Friday’s three-course dinner is more substantial (details above left/right). Free afternoon tea (with a choice of 12 expertly described, interesting teas, with sample bottles on each table for sniffing) is nirvana for tea heads. The honesty bar is well stocked and the wine list longer and better chosen than in similar places. The monthly Indian Supper evening is much enjoyed by locals and guests.

   The rooms and their bathrooms have plenty of space and combine comfort with character. Prices are fair bearing in mind that you get something special. Couples might feel most at home, but there is a family room. Think of booking it for a group or celebratory family house party – it’s especially good for these – Fiona and Graham particularly enjoy hosting parties of up to 12.

** Special Offers ** 

Supper is available Monday to Thursday at £35 for two.

** Friday Feast **

3-course dinner available every Friday for £30 per person.