Our series editor Fiona Duncan writes:
'The White Horse’s brasserie is one of my favourite eating places in Hampshire - and that is not an idle compliment because as a local I know that in recent years the competition has warmed up.
   'If you need a bed for the night, it offers 31 recently redone rooms, all my idea of comfy, charming and fairly priced. Some of the doubles are quite cottage-like - snug and intimate; at the other end of the scale is an enormous penthouse in the main building. Don’t overlook the rooms in the coach house with its pretty shutters. They connect with the main building and get plenty of light.
   'The main building is just what you’d expect of a coaching inn with its roots in the Middle Ages. It’s somewhat rambling, levels change unpredictably, and the layout seems illogical. Part of the charm. There are sitting rooms in the middle of the ground floor and then a corridor takes you to the brasserie at the rear. For me, this is the part that works best: it has tall windows that let you look out on to the internal courtyard and the feeling is of well-designed, restrained elegance.
   'There’s a 'horse' theme throughout - from the Lewis and Wood wallpaper in reception and the bedrooms each get a famous racehorse’s name.'
Take a look at the video that Charming Small Hotels' video arm made of The White Horse - it’s on the hotel’s home page.