Original and refreshing. Owner, James Hill employs a young team: the general manager, Craig, is just 25. The result is really rejuvenating. The feel of this grand, old 15-bedroom manor house is unexpectedly relaxed, but every bit as professional as you’d expect. Hampton Manor could well be leading the way for the next generation of independent hoteliers.
     Each of the 15 rooms has been thoughtfully decorated and furnished with contemporary designer John Reeves’ Louis Collection. Bathrooms are also individually designed and come with tasteful mosaics and monsoon showers.
     Enjoy a drink before dinner in the cosy resident’s bar (Fred’s Bar). The Michelin-starred restaurant is more than just the icing on the cake here. Peel’s, as it’s called, focuses on contemporary cooking using seasonal produce, without serving mean, minimalist portions. The service is personal and friendly throughout, which makes Hampton Manor seem more like a restaurant-with-rooms than a hotel in a manor house.
     The grounds are almost as grand as the house itself: 45 acres of majestic woodland. You'll often see James’ father working on his tractor. The nearby village of Hampton-in-Arden is picturesque, and well worth the short walk.