A voluptuous bouquet of flowers greets you in reception, teetering on a table next to a vintage suitcase. Thus, the tone is set for Fleur du Jardin - it is a quirky, eccentric and comfortable place that welcomes all guests as if they are returning travellers.
  Throughout the hotel we were met with jokey signs (‘duck or grouse’ over a low ceiling), beautiful furniture and lovely decoration in each room - a mixture of natural elegance and seaside charm. Owners Ian and Amanda Walker were keen to combine design influences seen on their own travels around the world, as well as ensuring Fleur du Jardin's Guernsey heritage.
  The award-winning restaurant is charming and homely, and uses as much locally bred beef, pork and fresh fish as possible. Real effort has been spent on thoughtful decoration – a dainty vase of fresh flowers are placed on each table - making the dining room one of the most charming and relaxing places to be in the whole hotel.
  The adjoining bar is also award winning, and has a changing selection of real ales.
  The bedrooms are spacious and charming, decorated in a seaside theme. Big white lampshades, white fluffy bedding and rustic walls make them feel cosy and peaceful.