Herm is 'an enchanting, self-sufficient time warp' says Fiona Duncan, our series editor. Its sole hotel, The White House, is like a step back in time. There are no televisions, clocks or telephones in the hotel, as they have been deemed inappropriate to the atmosphere of the island - Herm is car-free. You will hear the occasional tractor or the piping of oystercatchers but not much else.
  The hotel has a great sea view, and is in a prime location. When the tide goes out over nearby Shell Beach it really goes out, leaving a vast and fascinating waterless expanse of sand. Coastal walks in this area are lovely. If visiting from May to July keep an eye out for puffins.
  The interior of the hotel is essentially an extended inn, but with attractive staircases and light, spacious rooms. There's a beautiful conservatory with a swimming pool surrounded by palms.
  John and Julia Singer took over recently, so we're interested in reports. When Fiona visited the decoration was old fashioned, and the place had something of a boarding-house atmosphere, that could have been improved, not with a complete overhaul, but with some artful updating.