Edwardian mansions have a reputation for being hushed and imposing. Eulah is no exception, but it also has charm: you could almost be on an Agatha Christie set - we half expected to see a Belgian gentleman with a pocket-watch at breakfast. Instead, there were only other guests in jeans.
  At breakfast, the dining room windows were open, inviting in the sea breeze and sun-drenched views of St. Helier. The classical music playing in the background made the atmosphere wonderfully calm. A few freshly baked croissants, pieces of fruit and a full English breakfast later, we felt fat and happy.
  The nine rooms and suites are replete with plush furniture and plump beds. Most notable for its lavishness is the 500-square-feet Victor Hugo Honeymoon Suite, which lives up to its name: it is outrageously romantic, with an ornate canopied bath, a vast bed and an impressive sea view.
  There were only a sprinkling of guests when we visited out of season, but because of the feeling of space - lofty ceilings and big rooms - running into anyone else was a surprise. Definitely a restful place for those who enjoy silence and tranquillity.