Lance and David are a pair of Californian Four-Seasons-Hotels veterans who dreamed of owning their own hotel and took a risk: they moved to trendy Santa Teresa and bought Casa Cool Beans. We think it paid off - they've put their stamp on the place, and it's thriving.
   Ten rooms vary in size and colour: some have vibrantly painted walls, others are clinically white. But their charm? They all display paintings by local artists - a personal touch. What could have been a rather bland hotel has been seriously jazzed-up by kaleidoscopic murals, contemporary artwork, modish furniture and the slightly disarming pastel-purple exterior.
   If you get fed up (although we didn't) of lounging by the top-floor pool or the shaded gardens, you’re well placed to explore the vibrant area of Santa Teresa. Lance and David have a wealth of suggestions for things to do in Rio and clearly thrive on discovering new, exciting places to tell their guests about.