On our first visit, the Hotel Krone's bedrooms struck us as rather simple, as if Robert Mayer had channeled all his creativity into cooking, rather than the rooms. Our readers, however, disagree, describing them as 'pleasantly formal and old-fashioned, rather like the owner'.
  There is no doubt that Robert Mayer is an excellent chef with one of the finest restaurants in the Montafon valley. As well as the traditional Tafelspitz (boiled beef), Mayer nods towards France when he delicately sauces ris-de-veau and poaches salmon and zander in garlic and tomato butter. The Montafonstube, with its caramel-coloured, heavily-knotted pine panelling is a 'must' for visitors. The windows are leaded and the octagonal tables are inlaid with slates, which was used both as a stand for hot pans and as a chalk-board for farmers doing business on market-day.
  Upstairs, the ceiling of the Kronestube is painted with signs of the zodiac. The terrace garden is a plus, as is the location - just a few steps from the middle of the lovely old part of Schruns. Forget the arguments about room decoration, for convenience, history and food, this old tavern makes a fine place to stay.