Readers' comments confirm that the Huber family were right to choose quality rather than quantity when they built their hotel with just nine apartments back in 1984. Only 5 minutes' walk from the middle of this popular resort village, yet surrounded by fields, the Veronika is "somewhere between a castle and a farmhouse", according to son Bernhard: you have the luxury of the first combined with the cosiness of the second. Family treasures abound: old pictures on the walls, carved figures in niches, and hand-painted targets on the landings.
  On one floor, green is the theme colour; on another it is red, but every apartment is different and all reflect Frau Huber's taste. "The advantage we have is that when the weather is poor, guests can use their rooms without feeling cramped." The Kellerbar is used for breakfast as well as snacks but no other meals are served. Mayrhofen has plenty of good restaurants, so the Hubers decided not to compete; they do serve breakfast, however, but it is ordered individually rather than taken from a buffet. Some prefer to have breakfast in their apartments, with fresh rolls delivered to their doors.