Our hearts sank when we saw a camping and caravan site near the Fischer am See. Fortunately, it proved to be less intrusive that we feared. Apparently, some children like to sleep in a tent while their parents take bedrooms in the hotel. These are above-average in size, with comfortable beds and small but adequate bathrooms.
  Downstairs, a jolly line of red, black and white-striped socks hangs over the reception area. Like the bedrooms, the dining rooms are practical rather than pretty, though on our visit, vases of wildflowers brightened each table and an old rowing boat served as an unusual buffet-table for breakfast in the mornings and for salads in the evening. Views of trees, mountains and water fill the modern picture windows.
   Below the terrace is a landing stage for launches that shuttle up and down the interconnecting lakes of Heiterwangsee and Plansee. No petrol engines are allowed, so fishing, canoeing and rowing are unspoilt; but at this altitude (1,000 m) the water is warm enough for swimming only in July and August. In winter, moon-lit cross-country skiing excursions on the lake finish with steaming Glehwein at the bar.