The current owner of this imposing guesthouse is the fifth Jakob Iglhauser; his son, who is training to join the business, is Jakob VI. The Iglhausers, however, account for only a fraction of the history of the premises. Hospitality has been offered here since 1398, and although the hostelry and brew-house of long ago were much simpler, the bustle of activity hasn't changed. Waiters hurry from the kitchen past the reception desk and into the dining-rooms: one decorated with murals and a collection of pewterware; another, less formal, with mis-matched chairs.
   Frau Iglhauser is in charge of the kitchen and it is her collection of dolls that welcomes visitors in the entrance hall. Bedrooms are decorated in pastel colours and set off frescoed or vaulted ceilings and ol beams. Bathrooms are up-to-date, however, and there are even a few four-poster beds. The Iglhausers are enthusiastic hoteliers, adding new bedrooms and hosting seminars and weddings. Guests are encouraged to use the hotels own sailing dinghies, rowing boats and windsurfing boards. Not the place for complete relaxation, perhaps, but fun for children and with Salzburg half an hour away, handy enough for city visits.