Die Holdrichsmuhle has expanded in recent years, and perhaps for this reason comments have reached us about its housekeeping standards. Bedrooms in the old building were rather cramped for the price. Now, the 1994 extension has modern rooms as well as a sauna and bar.
   This is where Schubert was supposedly inspired to write one of his most famous songs, Der Lindenbaum. The ancient lime, or linden tree was later destroyed by lightning but Schubert's portrait still graces the doorway. He was not the only musician to enjoy hospitality here: Beethoven also stayed. The history of the building is even older than its 200 years as an inn. Farmers came here in its days as a mill, going back to the early 1200s.
   In fine weather, food is served on the roof terrace. The formal dining-room, serving Viennese cuisine, is in the vaulted cellars. Only 17 km from Vienna, it is popular both at weekends and for weekday business lunches. The road in front is a main one, so ask for a room at the back to be sure of a quiet night. Those who have been riding through the Wienerwald presumably sleep well:an indoor riding-school is on the premises.