Ingrid Putz was an early convert to the benefits of whole-food and organic products. Not only are the breakfast breads baked each morning, the grains are ground just before mixing. "At first my staff and even my family were incredulous; then they saw, and tasted, the difference." Dried fruits, honey, and fruit juices provide sweetness instead of sugar, and only a minimum of butter is used. Although we are wary of whole-food cooking, we were won over by the elegant presentation and delicious flavours produced by award-winning chef Karl Kaiser. Anyone inspired by these methods can learn the techniques in special classes and take away recipes for use at home. Of course, 'normal' menus are also on offer; there is no pressure to change one's diet.
  Similarly, you can do absolutely nothing at all, even though health and fitness are the themes of this hotel. A wide variety of treatments are available and the Kaiserburg ski-lift and Romer thermal baths are only minutes away. Set high on a south-facing hillside, the hotel is open and spacious, with a rather sophisticated ambience. Bedrooms are well-furnished, most have a balcony and there are special 'bio' bedrooms.