Steeply-roofed, thatched cottages are a feature of the flat countryside down here on the Hungarian border, and Edith Gibiser (she ran the hotel before Gerlinde took over and renamed it after herself) cleverly incorporated the style into her hotel, or rather her ‘hotel complex’.
   The house itself is a solid, square, stone inn complete with terrace dotted with red parasols. Staff are friendly, and Gerlinde does everything she can to make the inn feel like a second home. The restaurant has a reputation for authentic Pannonian dishes, which have a Hungarian influence. Zigeuner Fleisch (a mixture of chicken, beef and pork in a paprika sauce) and herb strudel are specialties.
   It is the area behind the inn, however, that captivated our reporter. In the lush meadow that climbs the hillside are thatched bungalows that children love to stay in. Each looks like a fairy-tale cabin where Little Red Riding Hood or Snow White would feel at home.
   Inside are solid, bright pine beds, tables and chairs with pretty curtains and an individual Kachelofen. Parents appreciate the comfort and the modern bathrooms, as well as the TV and covered porches for sunbathing. A nearby pond, occupies city children for hours, studying the wildlife.