'Worth a whole roll of film' said our reporter of this house dating back to the 16thC, and embellished by the patrician Salis family who bought it in 1870. 'It's old, it's not practical, but we love it,' said Betty Jaisler, who with her husband, Carlos managed the hotel since 1985. New owners Jurg and Sibylla Degiacomi have recently begun to make their own mark on the business, but are promising to keep to the Jaisler's high standards and their promises to "spoil guests with food."
   The dining-room was once the entrance and the carved front door remains, matched by an elaborate wrought-iron gate. Off to one side is a small room for private parties that is like a doll's house, completely wood-panelled, with book-shelves, an escritoire and tiny windows.
   Some of the bedrooms have a similar atmosphere, particularly number 35, where the wood is painted like a music box. Right at the top is number 44, where tall folk have to be careful of the low beams, even in the bathroom.