A vivid cobalt blue rock 1 km south of Santa Eulàlia, marks the country track which leads up to this enchanting finca. Without losing the simplicity of its farmhouse origins, Françoise Pialoux, who is French, has embellished Les Terrasses with great panache. Everyday items, such as a jar of preserved fruit, a plant pot or an ironwork chair are perfectly placed, wall colours are exquisite. As the name suggests, the main house, bedrooms (in a separate building) and gardens are on different terraced levels. So are the two secluded swimming pools. Crisp, white bedlinen in the plainly furnished bedrooms is offset by walls painted in hues of ochre, blue or pink; recessed baths and tiled shower areas, which form an integral part of the rooms, suggest an exotic, North African influence. Meals are taken outside on the main terrace, or in the yellow dining room. On some evenings couscous dishes are served. 
   Hammocks, padded benches, sofas, tables and chairs adorn the many unexpected little patios, shady nooks and peaceful courtyards. They make enticing spots in which to while away a lazy afternoon; more than anything they endorse the private villa atmosphere.