Carmen Caprile Stucchi's family told her she had taken leave of her senses when she decided to buy a wrecked 17thC palace in the Alto Ason. Forgotten frescos by the Catalan painter Leon de Criach emerged during the course of the restoration and are just one of the many features of this unique building. Inside, the furniture and wall-hangings are a fair substitute for the original, long-since dispersed contents, and 21stC technology has been carefully threaded through the old building to deliver modern services as unobtrusively as possible. The delightful bedrooms in the main building have all the beams and bare stone you could wish for - but they also have air conditioning, telephones and excellent bathrooms. Five newly-built rooms, arranged as a line of cottage-suites in the garden, are ideal for families. The elegant stone-flagged restaurant serves a selection of regional dishes with a well chosen wine list.
  Our inspectors revisited this hotel recently and came away with mixed feelings: they had reservations about electricity plyons and modern buildings intruding on the immediate view, and soft furnishings in need of replacement. On the other hand, they confirmed that it is a beautiful building, with some lovely antiques.