You'll find Casa La Concha only a few kilometres inland from the Costa del Sol, at the foot of the striking La Concha mountain. There are 4 suites in the main house and 5 luxury cottages, and although they only serve breakfast there's a high level of service - you feel at home but cared for.
  Owner, Marie Helene Burot, is an interior decorator - and it shows. Rooms have a relaxing, almost Bohemian feel (owners describe it as a 'french, rustic-chic taste') - rush matting; wooden and rattan furniture; modern paintings. Cottages are open plan, each with pleasant, neutral tones and a dash of colour here or there to spice things up. You'll notice the Oriental influences - a large, weathered Buddha statue in the garden; minimal clutter; a hand painted mural of humming-birds and bamboo plants. There's a salt water swimming pool in the garden. Day-beds and hammocks are dotted around the place - you can relax in the shade or order a massage.
  The living room in the main house is open to all, and there's a cosy log fire during winter. In the evenings, you can browse their video library. It's the kind of place you'll love to laze around in - but if you find yourself itching for something to do, try hiking up La Concha or horse racing on the San Lucar de Barameda beach. If you ask Marie for advice, she'll help you discover the hidden gems of Marbella's old town.