Following the 'Casa Howard Concept', this Florence offering is fabulously inclusive and so is surely one of the best spots to stay in all the city.
  Each room is carefully and distinctly designed and, though perhaps not to all tastes, they largely hit their mark with interesting themes and colours. Most importantly, this chic is maintained alongside a high level of comfort and practicality.
Together with the design, the 'Concept' also has some quirkier notes, yet these all seem be well thought-out and to hit the right tone. 'House-genies' offer a personal level of service, an honesty bar is well-priced and well-used, there is space for dogs to play and, memorably, one room even has a built-in climbing wall for kids.
  Just moments from Santa Maria Novella, Casa Howard is an affordable and enjoyable base from which to seek out the best of this fine city.