It is easy to get lost among the warren of narrow passageways that lead off the south side of Piazza Signoria, and there is no helpful sign to guide you to the Relais degli Uffizi. Look out for a pale stone arch that will lead you to its doorway, through which you will see a pretty lunette fresco of a rooftop scene. Make straight for the comfortable sitting room which has fabulous views over the piazza. A few minutes of watching the comings and goings in this historic square, sizing up the vast outline of the Palazzo Vecchio, and then pondering the extraordinary silhouette of the cathedral dome to the north will quickly give you a flavour of the city.
  The ten bedrooms, each different from the next, are arranged on two floors. All, however, are tastefully decorated and furnished: pastel colours on the walls, a mix of antique and traditional Florentine painted pieces, and original features such as boxed ceilings, creaky parquet floors and even an enormous fireplace that acts as a bed head (this was the kitchen in the original 16th century house).