Anna Ducroz says with disarming honesty, 'We’re in a beautiful town, very well placed for visiting the region, but few tourists have heard of it. We’re not on the lake, or in the mountains, we’re not in Verona or Venice, so we have to offer something extra at our bed and breakfast.' That extra is unusual in Italy: to share her home with her guests, and make them part of the family.
  Anna's family have lived at Villa San Pietro, an oasis in the heart of town with a large garden, since the 17th century. It's not grand, but it is full of character and personality, with massive oak beams, old brick floors and a loggia full of loungers overlooking the courtyard garden. Family furniture, faded black and white photographs and many mementos add to the warmth and charm exuded by vivacious Anna, her French husband Jacques (ex-French Legion) and their son Alexander. If you take part in Anna’s carefully prepared five course dinner you will get to know them (they both speak excellent English and offer translations) and perhaps the story of how they met, which is a touching one. They call their venture 'bed and breakfast, Italian-style' but in fact their hands-on involvement is more usual in Britain than in Italy, and very hard work. They deserve every success.