Well placed for the determined tourist, Arco dei Tolomei lies in a palazzo at the heart of medieval Trastevere. Surrounding sights are plentiful - tourist hotspots include the Colosseum, Campo dei Fiori market, the Ghetto, the Pantheon and Piazza Navona.
  Far less grandiose is the entrance to Arco dei Tolomei - down a rather cramped street. Don't be put off. Once inside, a comfortable and fiercely 'Roman' hotel greets you, with the intimacy of a private palazzo, a strong design focus on its heritage and furnished well with family antiques.
  Rooms have Roman names (a nice touch) recalling the famous Consular Roads - the Appia, the Salaria, and so forth. Floral wallpaper prints and patterned bedspreads are mismatched but sweet. Evidently the personal approach is important to Marco, the owner, who always has suggestions about places, restaurants and shops to visit nearby.