A newly converted farmhouse in the extraordinary, barren-but-beautiful Rontana hills, where you will get (even by the best Italian standards) a great welcome and personal attention. Some Dutch readers discovered it for us and were deeply impressed by the hospitality of the Liverzanis. More accolades have flowed: 'we were flabberghasted, by the hotel's position, the comfort of our rooms and, not least, by the hospitality of the owners' reads one. It really seems that the Liverzanis are natural hosts with a love for their locality, which is full of historical interest. Everything is in superb new condition and artfully restored. A pleasantly home-like sitting room is furnished with antiques, some from Liverzani family homes. The same private-house feel continues in the four bedrooms, each decorated and equipped differently, with attractive, unobtrusive fabrics, handsome iron bedsteads; one suite has a four-poster with hangings. Two apartments, one with Finnish sauna, are available in an annexe. The grounds are extensive, and it's good walking country. By the way, the Liverzani family have lived in this corner of Italy for 1,000 years and Giovanni was an Olympic rapid-fire pistol shooter. Liana's cooking, despite her insistance that she is not a professional, is also praised.