Well worth the effort it may take to find in the lush countryside between the Rhine, Mosel and Nahe, the Historische Schlossmuhle is a welcoming old mill house offering, in the words of an enthusiastic German reporter, 'an atmosphere which is exceedingly restful, pleasant and delightful'. The thick walls, the water wheel and stream remind visitors of the building's working history (it was built in 1804, and ground grain for almost a century and a half), but it was successfully transformed into a hotel around thirty years ago.
  However, what we previously described as a not particularly smart place is evolving into a very smart place indeed, even to a change of name from Bergmuhle to the grander sounding Schlossmuhle. This is not to say that the welcoming home-like warmth, the books and paintings which originally so attracted us have gone; it is more a fashionable smoothing out of the edges. Bedrooms and bathrooms remain thoughtfully furnished.
  Our widely travelled reporter rates the cuisine 'excellent in every respect, equalling many of the finest French restaurants'. The comparison is not accidental; there is a pronounced French accent to Rudiger Liller's regionally based cooking.