The brick-and timber buildings now incorporated into the Haus Elmer go back a long way, but your first impression may not be one of great age - many of the wrinkles you expect to find in an old building seem to have been neatly ironed out. But if so, it is in the interests of order, cleanliness and comfort, and a traditional decorative style prevails despite the modernisation and expansion.
  This is a hotel which is thoroughly well run from every point of view. The food is richly satisfying - a view which is supported by the evident popularity of the restaurant. There are several traditionally welcoming sitting areas. The bedrooms make up in comfort what they lack in character (the best are probably the ones recently created in one of the old buildings, with strikingly modern furniture combined with exposed beams). And the hotel has an equally neat flowery garden behind it.
  This area, near the Dutch border, is prime bicycling country, and the hotel has its own stock of bikes for the use of guests.