You think you're about to enter the modest hall of a small town house in a Midhurst side street.... in fact you step into a huge, beautifully designed ground floor space stretching into the distance. The scale could be that of a stately home, but for the laid-back country house ambience, the use of colour and the fact that the antiques are used, just not revered. Fina Jurado, who is Spanish, fashioned her highly original B&B out of four town houses in 2011, having run Gaudis, a well-known restaurant here for years. She lives two doors away - guests have the run of it - and is a characterful, naturally friendly hostess.
     The bedrooms (some huge, such as the master suite, Silver) combine elements of English country house and European style. Comfortable, not staid, each is stylishly individual but homely in its way.
     You start asking yourself, why stay in a hotel when this place is so much more interesing - a place where you can be yourself. The ground floor, resolving into several sitting areas, plus the gardens, is big enough for three or four guest groups to co-exist privately. Help yourself to a drink - singles are free; or buy a bottle.