This refurbished inn in sleepy Bildeston is in fact, first and foremost, a rather expensive and sophsticated restaurant, with the entire ground floor given over to tables and smart dining chairs in a series of rooms with attractive, boldly painted walls.

However, changes have been afoot since Chris and Hayley Lee returned here in 2015 (having spent two years setting up a Suffolk-based hospitality company) after former owner James gave them an offer they couldn't refuse. The restaurant is no longer run seperately, meaning guests can now eat off any menu wherever they want in the hotel - a welcome transition to a more inn-like feel. The ten years this pair formely worked here as Head Chef and manager afforded the hotel a slew of foodie awards, so with free reign their focus continues to be on quality seasonal produce, often locally sourced. 

The rooms are lovely, with pretty fabrics and nice touches. Ours had a great bathroom, with a rolltop bath and large shower. Their weekend rates, in particular, are steep, but the Sunday-night dinner, bed and breakfast package (from £140-£185 for two, depending on the room) is a good deal.