Managed by vivacious Nicola Green, but supervised by Churchill, a vast and presidential ginger cat, the Lennox Hotel (formerly known as Pembridge Court) is a 19thC London town house guarded by bay trees and just far enough removed from the bustle, buses and tubes of Notting Hill to be quiet. Long-established and much loved by its regular guests many from the worlds of music, motor racing and antiques the hotel is very much treated as a home from home. One faithful guest actually went so far as to buy it. Rooms vary in size and cost, but, unusually for a small hotel, those advertised as large are exactly that: substantial enough for a business meeting or a small party if you feel like it, and certainly smart enough and well-equipped enough for either. The smallest room is also honestly described: it is called The Last Resort.
  On the ground floor is a comfortably furnished sitting room, dressed in yellow and blue, which can also be borrowed for private meetings. Hung everywhere in frames are Victorian lace gloves, fans, beadwork and other fascinating but less instantly recognizable items of millinery. Downstairs the bar and restaurant have now been converted into a breakfast room. A long-time fixture in our London hotel selections.