Apartments with a little more than the average - above all a great location in Oberlech, the car-free settlement on gentle slopes above the main village of Lech. It's child friendly, and has a play area. 50m away is Kinderland, a ski school for children and beginners who provide lessons for all abilities, making this truly a family-friendly area. The mountain railway is also close by, as are several ski slopes (ski in, ski out). For those aching limbs after a long day on the slopes, there is also a sauna.                                                                                                                       Inside, decoration is neutral. Not all the nine apartments are as spacious as each other, and there are occasional reports of hap-hazard housekeeping - and a manager who can be abrasive - so on arrival, check that your flat is 100 per cent clean that the equipment is in good order. If it isn't, don't move in until you're satisfied. A breakfast buffet is also available. Reports welcome.